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August 7, 2020

We completed our second round of universal testing for residents and staff on August 3, 2020. We have received all results back as of today. We have no positive cases in our facility at this time. Staff and residents will continue to be screened daily for symptoms. Staff will also continue to be tested weekly for COVID-19 until further notice. Please contact the facility with any questions you may have.  

August 4, 2020

Yesterday, August 3rd,  we completed week two of our universal COVID testing of residents and staff. We have received all of the results from our initial COVID testing on July 27th and they were all negative.  We have contacted all residents and their POA's in regards to the results. We continue to monitor staff at the beginning of the shift and residents daily for symptoms. Please contact the facility with any questions or concerns you may have. We continue to work on our reopening plan and will update you as we progress in the steps.